Marina’s Menagerie!

My latest creations are some of the animals which have inspired me growing up and on my travels. I have created these little animals and set them atop lustrous pots that could be useful or just for decoration. Diverse as they are, they all have their own personalities.

IMG_6837 IMG_6840

Growing up in South Africa, we often had Guinea Fowl in the garden. They are  boring to look at but very entertaining to watch, scuttling around comically and greedily devouring food we gave them. I’ve used bright quirky colours to convey their colourful personalities – unlike the real ones – with fun expressions on their little faces. I think they look best in a group!




Some people mistake them for chickens, so at Christmas I made chickens as well.


Christmas bird IMG_8130

Real fish have such blank expressions; what’s going on in their little minds? Don’t they have fun?. Some fish are so colourful that I can’t imagine their steely stares really reflect their personalities, so I like to give my fish a twinkle in their eye!

Fishes three IMG_8159 2